Plumbing, Carpentry, Masonry…

Restoration work on the Heping Hotel continues. Thanks largely in part due to the donations both financial and service from local companies like SW Missouri Plumbing (“the plumber Springfield MO trusts”).

The last several months have consisted of lots of internal demolition, clean out, salvaging, etc. We have had tons of lovely volunteers from the community and work crews from local companies that have donated their time, money, and other resources.

A quick story about the experiences of one of our volunteers… Sarah W. is a Springfield native who grew up in the shadow of the Heping Hotel and was born here in 1937. She has seen the hotel become a bigger eyesore year after year and has been one of the biggest advocates for the restoration project. Sarah has been with us from early on in sharing stories of the hotel through the years and giving us insight into particular mysteries such as “add-ons” and repairs that don’t make sense…she has been able to fill our ears with the back stories behind it. We asked Sarah what her motivation was in this project, and her response was that she wishes for Springfield to always be a place for her grand daughters and great grand children to cherish. Even at nearly 80 years old, she has been pitching in with physical labor and has been a great emotional support to our staff.

The Heping Hotel now stands on the cusp of a new life. The hotel has been gutted of the trash, build up, and rot that has collected over the years. New construction has begun inside. Modern plumbing has been included courtesy of SW Missouri Plumbing. Local wood carving artisans volunteer their time and expertise to carve the wonderful handiwork that once again will adorn the hotel as it begins its journey back to grandeur!